Mazda Dealership

Test drives, a prerequisite for most clients when purchasing any type of vehicle, can consume a lot of fuel in the long run. For most showrooms and sales people, driving the vehicle to the station for fuelling purposes and taking it back may not be a viable option. This is why many prefer to have on-site fuel storage and management systems. A Mazda car sales man will experience the following benefits from having on-site fuel storage for their showroom.

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Saves time and fuel

Driving to and from the fuelling station not only consumes fuel but it can also use up a lot of time given the high number of vehicles at a show room at any given moment. On-site fuelling from bunded fuel tanks prevents this from happening. The time can be used for sales and marketing while the fuel that would have been used can be utilised for test drives by potential clients. Imagine having to stop by a fuelling station on your test drive? This not only gives the show room and the sales person a bad reputation but it also wastes the client's time.


In order to ensure transparency and proper utilisation of fuel in a show room, the finance department may put in systems and processes that must be followed any time a car requires fuelling. This process may be require forms to be completed, requisitions made and evidence of purchase provided. It can be a tiring process and it consumes time that could have been used to acquire more clients and close deals. The bunded fuel tanks on site minimise the bureaucracy making it easier for the sales people to fuel cars when need be.

Affordability of fuel

Bulk purchases on any commodity may attract quantity discounts and this applies to fuel as well. The sales man can save up a lot of money through bulk purchases. This is especially true when the fuel is purchased directly from wholesale distributors as opposed to fuel retailers. The cost benefits contribute to the lower cost of operating the show room and ultimately, the profit margins of the organisation. Besides, the sales man can take advantage of price drops to stock more fuel.

The show room may also put in place storage facilities to cater for emergency situations such as when there are fuel shortages in the market. This ensures continuity of business and minimises interruptions in normal operations occasioned by external forces. Besides, the ability to control your own fuel stock when such shortages arise may keep you in business longer than your competitors giving you a competitive advantage.